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Learn how to apply and download Huawei Honor 10 stock themes for your current EMUI based Android device. These themes have been extracted directly from the stock firmware of Huawei Honor 10. The new phone from Huawei sports some exciting exterior colors and to go along with that, the brand has introduced some unique themes. Fortunately enough, for loyal Huawei users, they can download these new themes and apply them on their current smartphone — given that it runs EMUI. This is also where we would love to highlight the customization options of Android, such sort of modifications are not available on other mobile platforms.

There are many enthusiast who like to customize their phone’s appearance by changing overall system theme and wallpapers. If you are one of them, then you can directly download the Huawei Honor 10 themes for EMUI based Android devices that will change not only the color or wallpaper of your phone but also the icon set. Right ahead, there are multiple themes available from Honor 10, all with different color schemes, system icons and wallpapers.

 Download Honor 10 Themes

If you like the wallpapers in these Huawei themes, check out the official collection of Huawei Honor 10 stock wallpapers.

Huawei Honor 10 Themes – Details:

The flagship phones are always expensive to buy and using themes is the least expensive way to make your current EMUI device look unique and different from other smartphones. Each theme from Huawei Honor 10 has a vivid and bright color scheme and supporting features with improved graphics. The main characteristics of these themes are to provide overall screen transformation with stylish icons and better graphics to provide excellent display presentation on EMUI devices.

Here is a list of Huawei Honor 10 themes that are included in this pack:

  1. Icecube.hwt
  2. Glimmer.hwt
  3. Wisdom.hwt
  4. Paradise.hwt
  5. Star.hwt

There are a total of 5 themes that you can download from Huawei Honor 10 for your current EMUI based devices. These themes have been tried and tested on the Huawei P20 Lite that comes with EMUI 8.0.

We have even more Huawei Honor 10 related content on Team Android. Some of that is mentioned below:

Download Huawei Honor 10 Themes for EMUI Phones

If you want to download all of these Huawei Honor 10 themes for your phone, we have a download link for that below:

File Name:  Huawei_Honor_10_Themes.zip
Size: 92.34 MB

How to Install Huawei Honor 10 Themes on EMUI Devices

You can carefully read through the following instructions on how to install these Huawei Honor 10 themes on any of the EMUI based Huawei or Honor phones:

Step 1 – Download Huawei Honor 10 Themes from the given link.

Step 2 – Extract the folder onto your your computer or if you downloaded it directly on your phone, extract it to your internal storage or SD card.

Step 3 – There should be a HWtheme folder on your phone’s storage. Check first in the Internal memory and then the SD card. If you don’t find it, you can create one manually. Once created / found, copy FILENAME.hwt files directly to this folder.

Step 4 – Now, go to the built-in Theme Manager app on your Huawei smartphone.

Step 5 – As we have downloaded and extracted the themes already, head on to Offline section.

Step 6 – You should find all the Honor 10 themes here along with any others that you previously downloaded. Select the theme you want and then tap on Apply.

That’s it. You can now apply all Honor 10 themes on your EMUI smartphone! Do let us know what do you think of these cool new EMUI themes from the Huawei Honor 10.

Let us know in the comments if you run into any issues!

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