Record Gameplay Videos on Android with Google Play Games

Here you will find complete steps that will show you how to record gameplay videos on Android devices using Google Play Games. Play Games has been Google’s central platform to cater to mobile gamers. As a stand alone app, it offers achievements, interactions with friends and, now, native gameplay video recording. The new recording feature enables user to record their game sessions and share it with their friends. As gameplay streaming is a growing entertainment sector, Google has acknowledged that with its Play Games app but rather than live streaming, you can save your gameplays straight to your device which can be uploaded later on. Through the app, you can record yourself achieving a high score or completing a level at a high difficulty. After you have finished recording, you can then post it on YouTube Gaming which is a competitor of Twitch.

Ever increasing performance in smartphones have made them capable enough to execute a high-end game and record the output at the very same time while providing a playable experience to the user. Through Play Games you can record your gameplay in 720p or 480p, and choose to add video of yourself and commentary via your smartphone’s front facing camera and microphone. Recording display output while also playing a game is very taxing on the internals of a smartphone and the performance we have in our devices right now, the most high-end smartphones can only go upto 720p recording. Hopefully, this can be changed with software optimization and better hardware in the future. Another great benefit with Play Games recording is that you can do quick edit and upload your gameplay straight to YouTube.

Record Gameplay with Google Play Games

Mobile gaming has always been on the rise. With the release of amazing games from different developers with great storylines, graphics and most importantly, online interaction capabilities, smartphone gaming is becoming more popular than ever. To add to the whole experience, you can now natively record gameplays with Play Games.

How to Record Gameplay Videos using Google Play Games

Recording your gameplay is a great way to show the gaming world what you can do but to do that you have to follow some steps that are given ahead:

Step 1 Download the Google Play Games from the Play Store if you haven’t installed yet.

Play Store: Google Play Games

Step 2 – Search for the Google Play Games icon from your app drawer and launch the Google Play Games app. If you don’t have an account then you have to create one.

Record Gameplay Videos on Android with Google Play Games 4

Step 3 – Once your account is created, in my games section, select the game of which you want to record the gameplay.

Record Gameplay Videos on Android with Google Play Games 5

Step 4 – Tap on the Camcorder Icon found among the top right icons.

Record Gameplay Videos on Android with Google Play Games 6

Step 5 – Now, Select the Resolution in which you want to record the gameplay. Google Play Games, at the moment of writing, allows only two resolutions at which you can record your gameplay in. The two options are either 720p or 480p.

Record Gameplay Videos on Android with Google Play Games 7

Step 6 – After selecting the desired resolution, tap on launch button which will start the game and show record button. Once recorded, Quick Edit your recorded video and upload it to YouTube Gaming.

Record Gameplay Videos on Android with Google Play Games 8

Easy, right? You should now have your succesfully recorded your gameplay uses Google Play Games straight from your phone. If you run into issues with the tutorial, do let us know in the comments section ahead.

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  1. The simplest way is to cast your phone to a PC and use the Windows Game bar to record it.
    Avoid Google Play Games like the plague as it leaves an icon on the screen, mucks up the controls and can’t easily be turned off.

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