Install Pixel 2 “At A Glance” Widget on Any Android Phone

Almost all Android devices can now utilize “At a Glance” widget that comes pre-loaded on most Google phones such as the Pixel lineup. Google has just started rolling out this new feature in its latest Google Beta app. Before, Pixel launcher was the only way to get this widget running on your device but now, through stock Google app you can utilize it on your OEM launcher as well. You can update your device to the latest Google app to make use of this feature. Don’t know how to update? We will take you through the whole process with the guide detailed ahead. At a Glance widget allows user to see their calendar appointments or it can also act as shortcut to the built-in weather app.

The great thing with this widget is that it also shows how much time is left in a certain event. Unlike the stock widget found in Pixel 2’s launcher, this one can be placed on any home screen of your Android device and at any position. However, the widget has a fixed width, you can’t resize it — hopefully, a future build would address this. Its roll out has started but it may be available for very few users as it is currently in beta state. You have two options here, wait for the Google App in the stable channel to get this update or download the latest Google app APK file from link ahead — you can revert back to stock easily afterwards.

Download At A Glance Widget
“At A Glance” widget on Google Pixel 2 XL

“At A Glance” Widget

Before, developers came out with their own third-party solutions to mimic this widget but now, there’s no need for any 3rd party app. Google has always been quite open about its apps hence it is looking to extend proprietary Google Pixel functionality to all Android devices. A slight downside would be that the exclusiveness of Pixel would deteriorate a little bit. If you wish to use this feature now, you can download the APK file of latest Google App here hence skipping the wait associated with the final release.

Download At A Glance Widget

Among other changes, Google has also replaced “What can you do?” feature of the Google Assistant to “Explore” and they have put it right at the top as it was difficult to find in the Google Assistant’s settings. Give the new app a test run by downloading the latest APK and have fun exploring all the new features. For this app to run well, it is necessary your device is running Android Nougat or higher.

Download Google App 8.1 APK with At A Glance Widget

Here is a fast download link to the latest Google App 8.1 APK:

File:  Google-App-8.1.apk
Size: 69.42MB

How to Install At A Glance Widget

Installing Google App 8.1 is very simple just like installing the other APK files. Just follow the easy instructions to install the APK file:

Step 1 – Download the Google app APK from the link below.

File:  Google-App-8.1.apk
Size: 69.42MB

Step 2 – Find the downloaded file from the phone’s file explorer

Step 3 – Tap on the Install button. If you never installed an APK file on your device or have Unknown Sources setting set to ask individually, you would need to confirm in order to proceed with the installation.

These steps were intended for users who have previously installed apps through APK files, if you are having troubles you can also read our dedicated article on how to install APK file manually.

That it! Now you can enjoy the new features and the At a Glance widget on your Android device.

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