How to Fix Galaxy S9 / S9+ “USB Not Recognized” Error

Solutions on how to fix Galaxy S9 USB not recognized error message. In this article, we will explain to users how they can fix Galaxy S9 USB not recognized error that pops up while connecting your smartphone to your computer. Connecting your Android device with a cable is quite a simple task but there are cases when things can get complex. For example, when you attach your Galaxy S9 with a computer via a data cable and it sometimes shows an error “USB not recognized”. Through numerous steps ahead, we will show you to fix that.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are the newest additions in Samsung Galaxy series. Galaxy S9 is very similar to Galaxy Note 8 in a lot of ways like the features, and its design. The main new things we have seen with the S9 are better internal hardware, variable aperture camera and best in class display technology. In the guide ahead, however, we will focus on how you can fix USB recognition problems that lead to USB not recognized error.

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Fix Galaxy S9 USB Not Recognized Error

This is the era of wireless transferring files from one smartphone to another via Bluetooth or NFC. But there are some cases when you need to connect your phone with your computer via cable for large file transfer or in order to flash stock firmware. Due to incorrect drivers or other reasons, when you connect your Galaxy S9, it is prone to facing USB device not recognized error. So, to solve this issue we have listed few methods that will fix this issue.

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Solution #1 – Try Original Cable

All manufacturers provide a data cable when you buy a smartphone. So, always use the original USB Cable that the company provides with your device. Using a different cable other than the original can cause your device to not get recognized by your computer. If somehow, the device does successfully connect with the computer, it will only charge your device. You wont be allowed to transfer files. In case you have lost the original cable, try with another cable than retrying with the one that is throwing the error.

Solution #2 – Change MTP Connection Mode

When you connect your phone with a computer, on the notification bar of your phone, there will be multiple options for connecting your USB.

  • File Storage
  • MTP
  • PTP
  • Transfer Files
  • Transfer Images

Use one of these options to see if this works out because these option varies from device to devices.

Solution #3 – Install Proper USB Drivers

There is also a chance that Samsung’s USB drivers are not installed on the computer you are connecting it with. You have to make sure that USB drivers of the device are installed properly.

  • Download Samsung USB Drivers here.
  • Once downloaded, run the .exe file to install the drivers properly.
  • Restart your PC and then try to connect your device to check if this works.

For a more detailed procedure, read: How to Install USB Drivers for Samsung Galaxy S9.

Solution #4 – Factory Reset your Device.

Factory resetting your phone can solve a lot of problems and makes your phone’s firmware just like new.

To reset your phone go to Settings>General Management>Reset>Factory Data Reset. Before doing a factory reset, make sure that you have made a complete backup of your data.

You can also do factory reset through recovery mode:

  • Turn off your Galaxy S9 by pressing power button for few seconds
  • Hold Volume Up + Bixby + Power key for few seconds
  • Release the buttons when you see the Samsung logo
  • No command screen will pop-up after the reboot. Tap on that screen
  • Navigate to wipe data/factory reset using the volume keys and use power key to accept it
  • Navigate to Yes using the volume keys and power key to accept it
  • Then select “reboot the system now” through the recovery mode
  • You phone will be reset

Solution #5 – Disable Anti-Virus / Firewall on your Computer

In a very rare case, the security software like an antivirus program can also block the connection between your Galaxy S9 and your computer. This issue is faced rarely, but it does occur. To fix this, try turning off the antivirus or disabling the firewall.

We hope after reading this guide, USB not recognized” issue for you Samsung Galaxy S9 has been addressed. If you are still having issues just drop a comment below.

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