Download Files Go APK, Google’s new File Manager for Android

You can now download Google Files Go APK from the link below. Google is preparing to take on AirDrop from Apple in iOS by releasing its own custom file manager called Files Go. File manager is not a new thing on Android and you would probably find thousands of them with different unique features on Google Play Store, but what makes this new file manager from Google unique is the ability to send and receive files just Apple’s AirDrop on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Also this new app allows users to optimize their devices storage, clean up junk and get suggestions to make their phone faster.

Right now, it is not available on Google Play but up till yesterday it was available as beta app with closed sign-ups. Google seems to have removed the app for now. The best thing about Files Go is that it will support millions of Android Phones making it really easy for people to quickly share stuff with each other. The dream of having a perfect file manager for iOS users is close to being dead but for Android users who are already familiar with such apps, this is about to get interesting. 

Download Files Go APK, Google's new File Manager for Android 1

There are millions of apps most of them are paid or have ads or not work most of time. Also some of the paid apps come with a lot of bloatware. So it will be nice to have a clean, smooth and fast file manager to take care of all the junk on your phone. Files Go also comes with suggestions which notifies you which app or data can be easily deleted based on the last usage, downloaded sizes and temporary data. You can download the APK of File Go from the link ahead for your Android Device.

Download Google Files GO APK

Download Files Go APK, Google's new File Manager for Android 2

You can either download Files Go for your Android device through the Google Play Store or download the APK file with the link right below.

File: Files Go 1.0.174265341.apk
Size: 5.41MB

The procedure of installation is quite simple. However, if you want a detailed step-by-step guide, we have mentioned it below.

How to Install Files Go APK

Step 1 – Download Files Go APK:

File: Files Go 1.0.174265341.apk
Size: 5.41MB

Step 2 – Locate the APK you just downloaded and open it to install it.

Step 3 – If you are installing an APK directly for the very first time, you would be notified to enable “Unknown Source” setting. If not sure about this, see link below on where to find this setting.

Step 4 – After enabling, the app should install. You can open the app by using the same shortcut you had before or through the app drawer.

That’s it! You now have Google Files Go installed on your device.

If these instructions / guide was not clear enough or you are stuck somewhere, you can read our complete guide on how to install APK files on your Android device.


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