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Android devices are now supported by Microsoft Edge Browser and with this guide you can download Microsoft Edge APK. Windows users would already be familiar with the Edge name, an internet browser designed to replace to the dated Internet Explorer. As for this Android release, Microsoft is targeting users with continuous browsing feature which isn’t available through other competitor apps. The continuous browsing functionality allows your phone to save data and push it to your PC so that when you shift your browsing to your computer, your tabs are already there. Read ahead to find the download link for Microsoft Edge browser as well as a detailed guide on how to install this via APK.

Microsoft Edge app is available on the Play Store but it comes with a Preview / Unreleased title. This states that the app isn’t in its final form and is still being worked upon. Nonetheless, the app is at a certain stage where it can be tested on customer’s devices. The design of Microsoft Edge app is also reminiscent of Windows but in a good way. It features flat elements that suit well with Android. Link to download Microsoft Edge APK given ahead.

Download Microsoft Edge APK

Download Microsoft Edge APK

You can either download Microsoft Edge for your Android device through the Google Play Store or download the APK file with the link right below.

File: Microsoft-Edge-
Size: 65.59MB

The procedure of installation is quite simple. However, if you want a detailed step-by-step guide, we have mentioned it below.

How to Install Microsoft Edge APK

Step 1 – Download Microsoft Edge APK:

File: Microsoft-Edge-
Size: 65.59MB

Step 2 – Locate the APK you just downloaded and open it to install it.

Step 3 – If you are installing an APK directly for the very first time, you would be notified to enable “Unknown Source” setting. If not sure about this, see link below on where to find this setting.

Step 4 – After enabling, the app should install. You can open the app by using the same shortcut you had before or through the app drawer.

That’s it! You now have Microsoft Edge installed on your device.

If these instructions / guide was not clear enough or you are stuck somewhere, you can read our complete guide on how to install APK files on your Android device.

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