Download LG V30 Camera APK for LG G6

You can now download LG V30 Camera APK for LG G6 Android phone. LG just came out with the new LG V30 smartphone and you can get most of its camera features running on your LG G6. Yes, developers have successfully ported LG V30 camera to the LG G6. Not only that, the app comes with Graphy as well. You can simply download the LG V30 Camera APK package and have it running on your LG G6. Both of the phones have dual camera systems on the back. Further, this port shows how software plays a key role in improving camera quality and also, how much capable the LG G6 is. Rather than selling your older G6, you can have the new features of LG V30 running on it. We have the complete guide for installation and download. Download and install LG V30 Camera package for LG G6 through the guide below.

The key highlights that the app brings include the Graphy feature. The Graphy feature basically is an inventory of filters which you can apply to your photos straight through the camera app. Rather than post processing, Graphy allows you to put filters directly on the photo. Also, with this app, you wont be losing any current features of the LG G6. Lastly, this app requires root. Your phone needs to be rooted before you can install and test out LG V30 Camera APK. Read ahead on how to download and install LG V30 Camera APK on the LG G6.

LG V30 Camera APK - Download Now

This camera port is specifically for the LG G6. It isn’t designed to work with any other smartphone. You also are required to have your LG G6 rooted and have TWRP custom recovery running.

Download LG V30 Camera APK on LG G6

Get the LG V30 Camera APK for LG G6 here:

This is a package file which would be flashed with TWRP custom recovery on a rooted LG G6. Once you flash the package, it will replace the stock camera app. Further, once the procedure is done, you would be able to access the camera app via the quick gestures as well.

How to Install LG V30 Camera APK for LG G6

As mentioned before, you need to have a rooted LG G6 and also, have TWRP custom recovery installed.

Step 1 – Download LG V30 Camera APK for LG G6:

Step 2 – Copy the package file to the root directory of your phone.

Step 3 – Reboot your phone into recovery mode. You can do so by powering off your phone. Once its powered off, hold the volume down button. While the volume down button is pressed, start holding the power button in addition to it until LG logo is displayed. Once you see the LG Display, let go of the power button and then start holding it again. Keep pressing these buttons until the recovery mode is displayed. If you find any difficulty, read: How to Enter Recovery Mode on any Android Phone.

Step 4 – Once in TWRP custom recovery, use the Install ZIP option to flash the file you just copied to your phone.

Step 5 – It should say that the package has been flashed. Once it does, you can reboot your phone.

That’s it! Once you reboot your phone, you would find the new features in the camera app.

If you run into any problems, reach us through the comments and we will help you out.

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