BlackBerry Manager: Install BlackBerry Apps on Any Android Device

BlackBerry Manager allows you to download all BlackBerry apps like launcher, keyboard, messaging apps to other Android phones. BlackBerry is known for its excellent software and security. They entered the Android market a couple of years back and has developed a lot of good apps for Android devices. However, they are only available for BlackBerry Android devices. But thankfully, we have found a way which lets you download all the BlackBerry apps.

BlackBerry Manager is an official app from BlackBerry which lets you download any of the BlackBerry app under one roof. Once you download and install the app, it gives you a list of apps to choose from. You can download any app, including BlackBerry Launcher and BlackBerry Keyboard and enjoy the BlackBerry apps on your phone. Your phone must be running Android 5.0 Lollipop or above to install these apps.

BlackBerry Manager – Apps Included

Here is the full list of apps included in the BlackBerry Manager.

  • BlackBerry Calendar
  • BlackBerry Contacts
  • BlackBerry Hub
  • BlackBerry Hub+ Services
  • BlackBerry Keyboard
  • BlackBerry Launcher
  • BlackBerry Notes
  • BlackBerry Notable
  • BlackBerry Password-keeper
  • BlackBerry Privacy Shade
  • BlackBerry Universal Search
  • BlackBerry Tasks
  • BlackBerry Transfer

How to Download BlackBerry Apps

Here is the simple way to download all the BlackBerry apps on your Android phone. You don’t need to root your phone to install these apps.

Step 1 – Download BlackBerry Manager (BlackBerry Manager.apk) to your phone.

Step 2 – Install the APK to your phone like any other APK file. (Tutorial)

BlackBerry Manager - Download

Step 3 – You’ll see a list of BlackBerry apps in front of you.

Step 4 – Simply press install on any app you want to install.

BlackBerry Manager: Install BlackBerry Apps on Any Android Device 2

Step 5 – That’s it. You can install any app you like and BlackBerry Manager will keep them up to date for you.

If you want to ask anything about the process, you can ask us in the comment section below.

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