How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android (No Root Required)

This tutorial will explain how to run YouTube videos in background on Android devices, without root. You might not always want to keep your screen on when playing a YouTube video. Plus you might also want to do some other tasks while playing a video on the YouTube in the background. This seems impossible, right? As whatever you try to do, the music stops as soon as you navigate away from the main screen of YouTube app. You can read through the list of all the features of Y Music app, but as an added bonus, this app also allows you to download YouTube videos to your phone.

Well, we have a solution to this problem and it actually works. There is an app called Y Music which lets you play any YouTube video in the background and the process to play it is very simple. Most other methods to achieve this require you to have a rooted phone, install modded YouTube app APK files or install tweaks using Xposed Framework. Y Music is a free app and we believe you should have it on your phone if you listen to a lot of music on YouTube.

YouTube Videos in Background - Y Music

Y Music – Features

Y Music has a lot of benefits, like:

  • You can play any YouTube video in the background.
  • You can do multi-tasking while playing a YouTube video in the background.
  • Up to 90% bandwidth is saved when you play only the audio in the background.
  • You can download YouTube videos with this app easily.
  • Enqueue multiple songs.
  • Create an offline playlist.

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background

Here is the complete step by step guide to play YouTube Videos in the background on any Android device.

Step 1 – Download the YouTube Background-v2.1.4.apk.

Step 2 – Move the APK file to your phone memory.

Step 3 – Install the APK using any file manager just like a normal APK. (Tutorial)

Step 4 – Now open the original YouTube app on your phone and play any video you like.

Step 5 – When the video starts to play, select share from the main screen.

Y Music app


Step 6 – You’ll see “Download”, “Play” and “Enqueue” in the selection list. Select Play from the list.

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android (No Root Required) 1

Step 7 – As soon as you select “Play”, the video will start to play in the background immediately.

Step 8 – You can play any video you like using the same process above.

That’s it. You can now play or download any YouTube video you like with this simple app in the background while doing other things on your Android phone or tablet.

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