“Free App of the Week” is Back on Google Play Store, Download Bloons TD 5

Google Play Store seems to have just launched their “Free App of the Week” (FAOTW) promotion, similar to offerings by the Apple App Store and Amazon App Store. Users will get to enjoy a paid app or game for absolutely no cost and the sale will continue for a week. And with every week, Google will be updating the app / game with a new title

This is the not the first time Google has offered apps for free in various sales or promotions. A couple of years back in 2015, Google launched this same promotion for a selected few titles in their ‘Family’ section. It soon disappeared from the Store app, but well, it is back again now (and we hope Google sticks with it this time!).

Google has just recently launched official discounted / free listings in the Google Play Store that can be implemented directly from the Google Play Developer Console. And that looks just in time to make these FAOTW listings official as well.

For this week, we are getting Bloons TD 5 — sale ends in 3 days!

Free App of the Week, Google Play Store Bloons TD 5, Download from Play Store

We hope to see more of the popular paid apps and games making their way to this “Free App of the Week” promotion.

Download Bloons TD 5 for Free!

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