Hangouts Meet is Now Available On Android, Download APK

Google Hangout app has been split into 2 apps. The Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. The Hangouts Chat is like Slack, where you can chat with your team members and the Hangouts Meet is for video conferences between your team members. Both applications are fully functional for G Suite Enterprise Edition subscribers.

The user interface is very simple. When you open the app and connect your Google account, the front camera pops up. You can join a meeting directly from the meeting code or the meeting link in the settings menu. It supports high definition video meeting of up to 30 participants. You can also share a meeting link and anyone will be able to join your meeting with the meeting link. The Hangouts Meet is directly integrated with the calendar to make the meetings more accessible and easier.

Google promises that the app is light weight and will not eat up the resources of your mobile phone and will not put too much pressure on your battery. Which means that you’ll be able to do hours of meetings on a single charge.

It is clear by the Google’s decision that it has made Google Allo and Duo the general consumer apps and Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet as Enterprise apps.

The Hangouts Meeting is now available for Android and you can also download its APK from the link below.

Download from Play Store || Download APK


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