WhatsApp Got a Huge, Huge Update, Adds Snapchat Like Features and Finally Let’s You Send GIFs

Yes, you read it right. WhatsApp got a huge update today which changes a lot of things, literally! The update has changed so many things that the WhatsApp messenger now feels like a completely different messenger to use.

The public version of the WhatsApp on Android got the Snapchat like features. The latest version now supports doodling. It lets you perform Snapchat like styling on any image you send to your friend. This update was first introduced in the beta version of WhatsApp back in the start of the September and the feature is now available for everyone. Update your WhatsApp from the Play Store to get this feature.

WhatsApp doodling

Alongside doodling, the new version of WhatsApp brought some more interesting features to the app. You can also add colored text and emojis on the top of the images before sending them to anyone.

This is not all, the built in WhatsApp camera brought front camera flash support. Now when you will take images, the screen will go to its full brightness and then it will take the picture. This will ensure better selfies in low light conditions. One more feature is the video zoom. You can now swipe your finger up and down to zoom in or zoom out a video.

One more big thing, WhatsApp now lets you send GIFs. This was a long awaited feature but it is finally launched and you can send GIF files to your friends just like a normal image. Read: How to Send GIFs in WhatsApp Messenger.

The GIF sending feature is not available for public yet. It is still in beta version, but you can try it right now by going to below link and installing the APK file directly. The APK file version is 2.16.293.

Download WhatsApp APK 2.16.293

This APK has all the above-mentioned features, but keep in mind that the APK is still in beta and it might be a little unstable. We have tried it and it is working fine until now.

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