Run two same apps on your android phone or tablet in Android Nougat

With the release of next Android OS, Nougat, more and more interesting features are coming to android for phone and tablets. These sometimes include performance optimization, battery enhancements or accessibility features for users. Google has given support for Split-screen to developers allowing them tweak or make apps that utilizes this feature. Using the API available one developer has succeeded in running same app on two different split windows.

By default, android limits the apps to run only one instance for security and data integrity issues. Bt you can overcome this issue by download “Parallel Windows for Nougat”. An android 7.0 supported app only, which allows you to mirror any running app in two different split windows on your most android phone or tablets. Though users running below the Nougat cannot utilize this app.

Parallel Windows for Nougat

You can download this app from Google Play Store using the following steps:

  • Open Play Store and search for “Parallel Windows for Nougat”
  • Download and install this free app by developer IJP
  • Once installed allow access to the permissions to run the app.
  • Now using this app run any app in split windows.

Though there some bugs with app and it is still in development stages. If your device is not supported contact the developer or if you experience any bugs inform developer instead of giving negative rating.

This app supports most of the tablets and phones running Android Nougat only. Which you have to update your device if you are on Android Marshmallow or below. If you have any suggestion or queries comment below.

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  1. While this is exciting to see that android is being pushed to its full potential for display purposes, I don’t think screen mirroring to two devices like this is that useful. I would be much more prone to pick up this software if it let you use a second device like a second monitor completely.

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