Google Duo, The Video Chat App is Now Available on Play Store

Google Duo and Google Allo were announced at Google I/o this year. Google Duo is a simple, one to one video chatting calling app from Google.  Google announced that these 2 apps will be available at the end of this summer and Google kept its promise. Duo is now available in Play Store. To some users, it is still showing to register themselves for the availability notifications but it is available for most of the users and will be available for all the users very soon.

Google Duo

It is different from other video calling apps in many ways. It has a very simple interface which lets you get connected to the other person very easily. It also has the “Knock Knock” feature, which lets you see the preview of the caller before even picking up the call.

The app requires minimum Android 4.1 Jellybean to run. First, you’ll have to provide your phone number to the app so that your contacts can call you through your number. Which means that it runs just like WhatsApp but it only allow video calling. When you open the app, the camera and default call button appears on the screen. You can call anyone in your contact list through that screen.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store here.

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