Apps and Updates Downloads will be now Smaller on Play Store

There are more than a million Android apps on Google Play Store and millions of people install them on the daily basis. Not only the new apps, the updates are also downloaded in a huge quantity daily. For example, 65 billion apps were downloaded on Android devices in the previous year alone and we can expect to grow this number this year and the next year.

There are a lot of apps which are over a GB now. And many apps are over 100 MB. So downloading 65 billion apps in a single year would have cost a lot of internet traffic. Google tried to resolve this issue by introducing a new compression algorithm which will reduce the size of the apps downloaded to your phone. This will apply to both new apps and their updates.

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The algorithm will reduce the size of the update marginally. For example, in a case, the 22.8 MB update is reduced to 12.9 MB and 15.3 MB update is reduced to 3.6 MB. That is some huge compression. This will save a lot of internet traffic.

Previously Google introduced a mechanism which allowed the new updates to download only the required updated files, not the entire APK. Now those updates will be reduced in size even further resulting in a very short update size which will save users data and time.

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