Official Name of Android N is Android Nougat

Android N has finally got an official name. Google revealed some moments ago that the Android N is named as Android Nougat. Nougat is a sweet made from different nuts, sugar, honey and sometimes fruits.

Unlike ever before, Google started a name suggesting scheme this time which allowed everyone to suggest a name for Android N. Users from all over the word suggested their favourite names and Google finally selected the Android Nougat as their next version of Android. However, Android Nutella was the most favorite name according to most of the users. Before that, Google never asked users about the names and gave the names they wanted, to the previous Android versions.

Google made the announcement on Twitter nd Snapchat and they put a statue of the new Android version outside their HQ which they usually do. There are statues available for every version of Android.

The statue in the picture above is the official statue placed outside the office and it has Nougats at the bottom of it. Now we have to see that which smartphones get the update and when they get it. Companies will soon begin to announce the schedules and from now on, we will know the Android N as Android Nougat.

Stay tuned for more news about Android Nougat.

Uzair Khalid
Uzair Khalid

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