OnePlus X Series Wont Get Any New Phone, Says CEO

Yesterday OnePlus launched OnePlus 3, it’s flagship for the year 2016. It is the 3rd flagship by the company and people are already loving it. Last year, the company also launched a mid-range smartphone, the OnePlus X. It was introduced with a lower price tag and mediocre specifications. But most of the customers did not like it and it could not get success like 2 other flagship phones the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2.

OnePlus X

Today, the CEO has officially announced that OnePlus X series would not be getting another smartphone which means that OnePlus X was the only smartphone in this series and company will now focus only on the flagship series.

The CEO said that it was a bad decision to divert the focus from the flagship series and shifting the focus towards mid-range series but they are now again concentrating on the flagship series. He said that customers will love OnePlus 3 as much as they loved OnePlus One. OnePlus 3 is introduced with a better camera and Dash Charged is also introduced. Dash Charge is like the quick charge of other smartphones. It will charge the phone at 5V 4A and 30 minutes of charge will boost the battery to 60% so that you can enjoy the whole day of performance.

So if you own a OnePlus X, know that there will be no successor to your device.

Uzair Khalid
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