Naptime: Extend your battery by tweak the Android Doze

Google is now putting effort to optimize Android OS as much as possible to compete with Apple eco-system. Before that, android was popular for the ability to customize it as you want. But the freedom resulted in battery drain and unstable android phone. Google’s new feature Doze introduced in Android Marshmallow (6.0) allows the phone to minimize the background activities to save battery when phone is not being used.

Unfortunately, Doze takes about two hours to kick in and will be turned off as soon as your phone moves. Which is not quite handy. To overcome, this problem Naptime allows you to tweak Doze sensor values so you can turn on it according to your needs. Even the phone is constantly moving with screen off. The usage of this app simple all you have to turn on Aggressively Doze and that’s it. When the screen is turned on everything goes back to normal.

Naptime can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. To use it your phone should be rooted otherwise it won’t work. But I think rooting your phone for naptime is worth it. As you will be getting a lot of better battery timings than before.

Download Naptime from Android Play Store:

  • Open Play Store and Search for “Naptime”
  • Download this free app and install it.
  • Once installed launch the app and give it root permissions.
  • Now tweak the app as you want.

Alternatively, you can download the app form here.

There is pop message on the screen. But you can get rid of it by donating a dollar or two. Which will worth this app.

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