Moto Z Will come with Unlimited Original Quality Google Photos backup for 2 years

2 new Moto phones were announced yesterday. A Moto Z and a Moto Z Force. Both are flagship phones but the Moto Z Force comes with unbreakable coating.

There is a good news for the people who are planning to buy a Moto Z for them in the future. The Moto Z will come with 2 years of unlimited full-size Google Photos backup. Google Photos is a service from Google which let you store your photos to the cloud. Normally the full quality photos take your storage quota from Google Drive and you have to purchase more storage if you want to store more, full-size photos. However, photos of up to 16 MP do not count against your storage quota and you can upload as many photos up to this size as you can.

Moto Z

But with the Moto Z, you will get unlimited storage for storing your original quality photos for 2 years. But there is a catch, After 2 years, you will either have to purchase more storage to store full-size photos of Google will ask you to download your photos. Or you will have to purchase a Moto or Nexus device to keep storing photos at full quality.

This is a big marketing strategy from phone manufacturers and Google as they are almost forcing the users to purchase more storage. But still it is free for 2 years, enjoy the deal while it lasts.


Uzair Khalid
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