VLC 2.0 for Android is Out, Brings Support for Android TV

VLC media player is probably the most popular media player available for different platforms. It is mostly used on Windows and Mac operating systems. It can play almost any video format. VLC was released in beta for Android a few years back and sadly, it remained in beta for many months. But it finally got the stable release after few months.

Now VLC 2.0 is here. It was also in beta testing for some months. The stable version is released today with some new features. The new version gets the network browsing feature which was very long awaited. The currently supported protocols are Windows shares, UPnP, NFS, FTP and SFTP.

VLC 2.0 for Android

The new version also brings Android TV supported. Most of the apps are separate for phone and TV. But VLC is actually a merger of 2 apps. You can switch between TV or phone mode on any device. Moreover, it now has faster decoding and all video formats are supported. Notification controls and pop-up video functions are also added to make the user experience more interactive.

You can download the update from Google Play Store. Explore all the new features the new update brings and share your experience with us.


Uzair Khalid
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