QuickPic Gallery: Fast, Light, Password Protection and Cloud Backup for Android

Android OS is now on majority of phones and have a major mobile apps share in the market. Google is trying hard to improve the OS eco system and optimize the performance provided by it. There are many apps which also aims to do so by providing you the additional features to improve the user experience. QuickPic is a pro gallery app which available for free on Google Play Store for android phones and tablets.

QuickPic is amazingly fast and optimized gallery app which can easily manage thousands of images and folder really quickly. Unlike many other gallery apps which are gets slow while loading images or get stuck. Eventually they will crash. But in my experience this app is far more optimized and fluid. Images preview is loaded really fast as you scroll up and down.

You can organize your gallery in folders, you hide folders or create new. Even you can sort the display of images according to different parameters like Display latest images or last etc. There is also a built in editor in the app which helps you take do small editing on the fly. You can also password protect your images and hide private images from strangers. All these features come free of cost but the normally the app shoes ads. You can buy the pro version which will remove the ads.

Download QuickPic from Play Store:

  • Open Google Play and Search for “Quick Pick Gallery”
  • Download and install the free version.
  • Go through the on screen tutorials and you are good to go.

Alternatively, you can download the app directly from here.

This app also supports online cloud backup of images and videos too. Which means you also upload you images and create a secure copy of them online for free or connect any other third party upload service.

Uzair Ahmad
Uzair Ahmad

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