Google Allo is A WhatsApp Like App from Google for iOS and Android

Google revealed a number of new things yesterday at Google IO 2016. One of them was Google Allo. Google finally made an app which works exactly like WhatsApp with some new fun features.

Let’s take a quick look on Google’s new messenger. The messenger works with a phone number, unlike hangouts which work with an email address. It works just like the popular, WhatsApp. Google has integrated smart prediction features into the app. It will predict the replies based on the past messages and will get better over time. So you can reply quickly to conversations without typing a lot.

Google Allo

Moreover, you don’t have to keep all the letters in capital anymore, if you want to pay stress to some words. There is a slider which lets you select the size of the text so that you can speak louder or you can whisper if you want to by making the text tiny.

There is an incognito mode built in, you can open it anytime and the chat done in incognito will expire. Normal chat messages are end to end encrypted so no one else can read your messages. End to end encryption was also introduced in WhatsApp a couple of months ago.

Google Allo is live on Play Store but you can only pre-register for the app for now. It will be available for Android and iOS in summers.

Uzair Khalid
Uzair Khalid

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