WhatsApp Will Soon Support Video Calls, Zip File Sharing And More

WhatsApp was purchased by the Facebook a couple of years back, it is bringing  new features to the app since then and making it more interesting and useful.

Like WhatsApp did not use to support voice calling in the starting years, but voice calling was added later and people loved it. It even killed the user base of a lot of other voice messengers like Viber. People around the world are now using the voice call feature to stay connected.

whatsapp video calling

WhatsApp is preparing to launch some other interesting features for its users. One of them is video calling. There are a lot of rumors going on since December that WhatsApp will introduce the video calling. Some screenshots are leaked as well which shows the video calling feature on iOS beta. So we can say that the video calling feature is near and we can expect that it will be launched in a few months now. Video calling might get available immediately for everyone or it might roll out gradually through invite system like the voice calling when it was launched.

Another great feature that the company will introduce in their app in the near future is zip file sharing. When the company introduced the file sharing feature a few month back, it only supported PDF. Microsoft Office file formats were supported later. Now it will introduce the zip file sharing, which means that you will be able to share any file, just zip it and share it through WhatsApp.

Voicemail feature is also being tested for the app. It will let you record a voice message if the person does not respond to your call. It will be equant to sending a voice message but without hanging the call-up.

WhatsApp is going to be more interesting and we are sure that you are waiting for these features as much as we are.

Uzair Khalid
Uzair Khalid

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