Download Angry Birds Action! for Android on Play Store Now

Angry Birds just released a new game for Android known as Andry Birds Action! The game was in beta testing for some days and was available to some users but now it is available for everyone and anyone can download it on Play Store.

Angry Birds Action!

Angry Birds Action! is different than the most of the Angry Birds game. It is more like the pinball but with the taste of classic Angry Birds. You have stamina which needs to be recharged in the game. Your main objective is to save the eggs, you save them by classic pinball-like slingshot mechanism. You bounce around and strike in some objects which actually explode.

There are a lot of in-app purchases in the game. For example, the stamina can be recharged instantly by paying some money or you can also get it by watching ads or connecting the game with your Facebook account.

Angry Birds movie is also coming in a month. This game will act as a big promotion for the movie and will help boost its business. There are some things in the game, related to the movie

The game is available on Play Store and you can download it right now.

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