Infinix Hot Note Gets Yet Another Update, Brings Many New Features

Support from Infinix for their phones is just awesome. Infinix Hot Note is now a very old phone but Infinix is still supporting it with regular updates. That may be because they listen to their customers very carefully.

Infinix Hot Note got another update today and it is now available OTA. The OS in this update is still Android Lollipop and we are not sure if Infinix will release the Android Marshmallow for Infinix Hote Note.


The update brings a number of new features and improvements. Here is the official changelog as spotted on company’s website.

Fixed issues:
1. Issue where font manager occasionally crashed is fixed
2. Improved system manager interface usability and bug fix
3. Issue where some apps cannot be arranged or used is fixed
4. Other bugs is fixed


Added Fuction
1. Three fingers screenshot is added
2. Weather function is added
3. Confirmation for shut down and restart options is added
4. Download speed display is added
5. Screen recording function is added
6. Xshare function is added
7. Quick wallpaper swap is added


Optimized items:
1. Optimized the quality of the front and rear camera, and reduced noise in low lighting.
2. Improve the system performance.
3. Improve the speed of lighting screen when incoming call.
4. Improve screen brightness of third-party camera Apps.
5. Improve the sensitivity of dropping down notification bar.
6. Change the format of recorded video to MP4.
7. Remove pin notification in notification bar, when turn on Mobile Anti-Theft.


Uzair Khalid
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