MSQRD: Apply fun filters to your Pictures and Videos

MSQRD is an upcoming popular filter and animation app which create pictures and videos like Snapchat lenses. It is quite known on iOS and was recently introduced on Android. There are many apps on Android stores which allows you to edit your pictures or enhance them. Some of them even allows you to place stickers or custom filter on your picture. But MSQRD is an app which allows you use filter in real time on picture and videos for free.

MSQRD is recently bought by Facebook in order to compete with Facebook. On iOS this app has more functional feature which we hope will come soon for Android too. You can download many more filters from store or create your custom stickers from the app SDK. To create your own filters, you need to have some programing knowledge in order to that.MSQRD-Android

To Download MSQRD for Android follow the steps below:

  • Open Play Store and search for “MSQRD”
  • Download and install this free app on your Android Phone and tablet.
  • Read the tutorial to get started.

Alternatively you can download it directly from here.

This app is available for Android 4.3 and up. You can share created videos and picture on all the popular sharing platforms with in this app such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Email them.

Uzair Ahmad
Uzair Ahmad

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