WhatsApp Brings Text Formatting and Sending Documents From Google Drive

WhatsApp is continuously adding more and more features in regular updates it is releasing for Android. Like few days ago, it brings PDF file sharing for everyone. Today, WhatsApp brings a couple of more interesting and useful features to make the WhatsApp more exciting.


The PDF file sharing feature has been expanded. It now lets you attach the documents through Google Drive. You can attach any document type like PDF, Word or PowerPoint presentation. Although all of the files will be converted into PDF files by WhatsApp automatically before it sends them to other people.

Text formatting is also added in the new update which allows you to make any word you want bold or italic. This will help in easy conversations. You’ll just have to put asterisks around a word if you want to make it bold and putting underscore before and after a word will make it italic.


Local backups also got an improvement. Usually, when a local backup occurs, a popup appears and starts to back up the chats without showing any progress bar to give you a rough idea of time. But now a progress percentage will be shown while backing up the chat so that you can have a rough idea that how much time the backup will take and you will be able to use the application again.

These features are available in version 2.12.535 of the application which can be downloaded from APK Mirror.


Uzair Khalid
Uzair Khalid

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