Save Mobile Data and browse faster using Opera Max for Android

Opera max aims to reduce your mobile data usage by optimizing the data before sending to your mobile so you can browse more in less bandwidth. Internet is becoming part of everyday life and almost every smartphone owner needs internet to connect to social networks, check emails or browse simple web. But mobile data is becoming expensive and limited due to which most of us try to slow down our internet usage.

Opera Max uses Opera technology used in browsers to server the optimized content faster to user which not only helps saving megabites of data but also spend less time waiting for loading. Opera Max is available only in selected countries for now but you can download try if it is available. It is free to use service and can be used to as much you want without any limits.

Opera Max also provide a secure and private network through which can browse anonymously without revealing and sensitive data to the threats. Opera Max supports major website and apps such as Youtube, Netflix, Gaana, Pandora and Slacker Radio.

Also you can control data usage of the apps using built in manager. Which allows you to block internet access or background access to certain apps which uses too much data and you want to save it.

You can download Opera Max from Google Play Store:

  1. Open Play store and search for “Opera Max”
  2. Download and install the opera max.
  3. Allow opera max to establish VPN and you can start using it.

Alternatively, you can download opera max from here.

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Uzair Ahmad
Uzair Ahmad

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