Android Marshmallow is Now Installed On 2.3% Of Android Devices

Last month Android Marshmallow was installed on only 1% devices but it was increasing its install market share day by day. Now we can see that the Marshmallow is growing significantly as the install base has increased more than 100% in just one month. There were about 1% devices running Marshmallow a month back, and now 2.3% of Android devices are running on Google’s latest OS.

Android Marshmallow

Lollipop is still increasing its user base as some low-end devices are still coming with Lollipop out of the box and some older devices are being upgraded to Lollipop by their respective manufacturers. Android Lollipop is now used by 36.1% of Android users. KitKat still has the second place with a huge market share of 34.3%. It is always sad to see that the old operating system remains on top of the Android Market share for several months even after the new OS version is out by the Google. 34.3% of users are running more than a 2-year-old operating system is not a good thing to see. However, some users even do not care and they are happy with what they have unless their phones can run the latest apps.

Jelly Bean has 22.3% market share. Ice Cream Sandwich is at 2.3% which is even less than the Android Gingerbread which has 2.3% market share. Froyo is still holding its place with 0.1% market share for several months now.

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