WhatsApp Beta Testing Is Now Live On Google Play

Different apps provide a beta testing program on Android so that the users themselves can test the app before it goes to the public. For example, Microsoft started a beta program for Arrow launcher and Hyperlapse for Android. These type of beta testing programs helps to release a more stable release as no one can better test the app more than the public.

WhatsApp beta testing

WhatsApp as well, for the first time, started the beta testing program for Android. Anyone can join the beta testing program and start testing the latest version of WhatsApp. Joining the beta test program is easy. Just go to this link and click “Become a Tester”. You’ll be enrolled into WhatsApp beta testing program and after sometime, you’ll get an update to WhatsApp on Google Play. Remember that the WhatsApp beta will have a few bugs can be a little unstable. Your job is to test it patiently and if you ever want to leave the beta testing program, go to the above link again and leave the test program.

WhatsApp beta will ensure more stable releases for the public.

Uzair Khalid
Uzair Khalid

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