MusixMatch: Listen any music on your phone with lyrics

For those who likes to enjoy music and listens to a vast variety of the songs Musixmatch is the app which help you quickly find lyrics of the music you are listening. Most of times we would like to share the music lines or hum the song while listening for which we need lyrics. MusixMatch allows you to quickly fetch the lyrics of the song you are listening and share them anywhere you want. It is available on Google Play Store for android phones and tablets.


One of the best feature of this app is Share lyrics, which helps you create a music card of your favorite song lyrics which you can later share on facebook, twitter, instagram or anywhere you want. Also if you are listening to a song somewhere else not on your phone, you can still identify the lyrics using find lyrics option. Musixmatch also has option to show synced lyrics which is really great if you want to sing your favorite song line by line.


Musixmatch is really great music player for android which shows the instantly the lyrics of the song you are listening. Not only it can show the lyrics of the offline music stored on your phone but also it show floating lyrics of the music you are listening on other apps such as Google Play, Spotfy or soundcloud etc. It comes with a audio equalizer also so if you are only looking for audio enhancements for your android phone you can also use this app.

You can download it form Google Play Stores for free:

  • Open Play store on your phone and search for “MusixMatch”
  • Download and install this free app on your tablet or phone.
  • Now login using your account or social account.

Alternatively, you can download this app from here directly to your device.

Uzair Ahmad
Uzair Ahmad

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