Unlimited Photo Storage App Everalbum Is Now Available On Android

Everalbum is a popular iOS app which lets you backup unlimited photos to the cloud. The app is now available for Android devices as well. The app is just released for Android and it provides all the functionalities the iOS version of the app does.

Everalbum app automatically uploads all the photos from your device to cloud servers. You can import all of your photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos as well. So for example, if you have stored all of your photos on Google Photos already, It will take you not more than a minute to import all of them to Everalbum, no matter how many photos they are. You just need to do a couple of taps and Everalbum will do the rest.

All of the imported photos can then be seen on the web version of Everalbum and in mobile devices as well. Everalbum automatically arranges your photos into albums. If you import photos from the Facebook, all of your Facebook photos will be arranged in albums as they were on Facebook. Everalbum also lets you free up space on your mobile device easily. Just go to the settings and free up space from the menu. It sill automatically delete all the photos that have already been backed up to the cloud. This tool was also introduced by Google Photos a couple of months back and this tool is really handy and helps you to clear up space on your phone.

Download Everalbum now from the Google Play.

Uzair Khalid
Uzair Khalid

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    Ever album is a highly invasive spam app that once installed will upload ALL photos and documents, to everalbum servers, with no filters or settings to select or limit the upload.

    ALL CONTACTS in your contact list will automatically be texted with an invitation to view “their pictures” in your account, which requires THEM in turn to install the app to view- except their is NO folder and the cycle repeats endlessly.

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