Qualcomm Announces New Snapdragon 625, 435 and 425 Chipsets

Qualcomm has announced its new series of midrange chipsets for mid range phones. The newly announced chipsets include 625, 435, and 425. The main focus of Qualcomm while building these chipsets was to provide better performance and longer battery life.

Snapdragon 625:


Snapdragon 625 is the first chipset in 600 series to be built on 14nm process. It’s eight Cortex-A53 cores can be clocked to 2 GHz. Snapdragon 625 can record 4K videos and supports cameras up to 24 MP. Front camera support is up to 13 MP. It has a X9 modem for Cat. 7 LTE – up to 300Mbps downloads and 150Mbps uploads.

One of the main things included in this chipset is its power efficiency.  It is 35% more power efficient than its predecessor Snapdragon 617. It supports displays up to the resolution of 1920×1080. GPU included is Qualcomm Adreno 506. It also supports Quick Charge 3.0.

Snapdragon 425:

Snapdragon 425 is made for the entry level phones. It has a has a quad-core Cortex A53 processor which can be clocked up to 1.4 GHz. GPU is, unfortunately, the old Adreno 308. Maximum display support is just 1,280 x 800. Maximum video capture support is 1080p and maximum camera support is 16 MP.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 includes X6-LTE modem supports Cat. 4 level network which will give – 150Mbps down, 75Mbps up speed. Quick Charge 2.0 is also supported.

Snapdragon 435:

This chipset is also made for mid range smartphones. It has eight Cortex A53 cores which can be clocked at 1.4 GHz. The GPU included is Adreno 505 which is much better than the Adreno 308 included in the Snapdragon 425. It includes the X8-LTE modem which supports Cat. 7 for 300Mbps down and 100Mbps up.

Maximum camera support is 21 MP and max video recording support is 1080p. Display support is also 1080p.

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