Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Will Have A 3,600mAH Battery

As we know that Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is near to its launch. It will be launched this month and we are hearing a number of leaks and rumors about Samsung’s next Galaxy flagship.


One of the biggest questions that comes into the customers’ minds nowadays is that how many hours or days a phone will last on a single charge. The Galaxy S7 edge is, of course, one of the hottest upcoming phones so customers were eager to know that how many hours will it last on a single charge. According to a new FCC filing, the Galaxy S7 edge will have a 3,600mAh battery which will last for 2 days on a single charge. The battery is a big improvement over the Galaxy S6′ 2,550mAh and S6 edge’s 2,600mAh battery. So customers must be happy to hear this news. THe battery capacity of Galaxy S7 is still unknown.

It has been already leaked that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be a waterproof phone which means that you’ll be able to use it even in rain and with wet hands. That is something that was missing in Galaxy S6 but the Galaxy S5 had this capability. The display of the S7 will remain always on. As it will have a Super AMOLED screen so black pixels won’t effect the battery life.

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