Multiple Account Support Now Available For Everyone On Instagram

In November, Instagram announced a new feature which lets users add multiple accounts to th Instagram application on Android and iOS. This feature was not available for everyone just yet as it was in testing phase and only a few users were able to use it.

Instagram Multiple Accounts

However, today Instagram has announced that the multiple accounts option is now available for everyone. The new feature will be available in version 7.15 of the app. The app will be available this week on both Google Play and Apple App Store. To add the account, you’ll have to go to your profile settings and add the account from there. Once it is added, you can easily switch them from the menu. You’ll see your profile picture at multiple places so that you don’t get confused by which account you are using.

So keep checking for the new version of the app from Google Play store. Instagram was purchased by Facebook few years back for $1 Billion and it is worth more than

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