Get 2 GB of Google Drive Storage Free By Completing The Simple Security Check

Last year Google started offered 2 GB of free Google Drive storage if you review the simple security steps Google provides. Now the big tech giant is again giving the exact same offer.

Reviewing your security settings and getting the 2 GB storage is very easy. Google provides you a list of security steps in which it asks you to check your security settings. The 1st step in this checklist is to check the recovery information settings in which Google will show you your recovery email and phone number if you have added them. Or if you have not added them, you can add them from there quickly. The 2nd step lets you review the devices you have connected with your Google account.

Third step is to check the account permissions and the last step lets you turn on or turn off the 2 step verifications. Getting all these steps done is really easy. You’ll have to go to the Google account security page and click “GET STARTED”.

google drive storage security check-1

You’ll be then redirected to your account security page where you’ll do all the above steps one by one. One done, you’ll see a screen like this.

google drive storage security check

The storage will not show up in your account immediately. You might have to wait for a couple of days for it to show up. But once it does, it will be your forever to store your data.

Uzair Khalid
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