Android Marshmallow Market Share Hit Just 1.2% In 4 Months

It’s been exactly 4 months since the launch of Android Marshmallow. It is not pleasant to see that its market share is not increasing fast enough. That’s maybe because all of the new devices are not being launched with Marshmallow out of the box and  all the manufacturers are not upgrading their devices to the latest version of Android quickly. Getting the updates are always a pain on Android, unless you own a Nexus device. However, some popular devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 4, S6, S6 Edge and Note 5 are getting the Marshmallow update now which will bump the market share of Marshmallow.


Currently, the Marshmallow is installed on 1.2 percent devices. The winner is still KitKat with 35.5% market share and Lollipop is very close to it with 34.1% share. It seems like Lollipop will catch up with KitKat in a month or two and will take the lead in market share. Marshmallow will probably take a year to lead them all. Jelly Bean is third with 23.9% share. Gingerbread is still at 2.7% and Ice Cream Sandwich is at 2.5%. Android Froyo is still on the list with just 0.1% market share. As Google does not consider devices with less than 0.1% share, so it is possible that it will not appear in next months’s list.


Uzair Khalid
Uzair Khalid

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