You Can Now Block Ads On Your Samsung Device’s Browser

Samsung has released a new update for its galaxy devices which makes it possible to block ads on Samsung’s default browser called “Internet”.  Actually, the update includes a new API which allows developers to make ad blocking apps for its browser.

An app of such kind is already released which allows you to block ads on the Samsung. The app is known as Adblock Fast. Once you install it, it will allow you to block the ads on Samsung’s default browser. So if you want the ads blocked, you don’t need to switch to a new browser anymore. Just install the latest update from Samsung, install the Adblock Fast app and turn the ad blocking on in the settings.

adblock fast

Adblock Fast is also available for iOS and for Chrome and Opera on desktop PCs. It is rated over 4.5 stars in the App Store. For Android, it is only available for Samsung Internet 4.0 for now. We can expect it to expand its reach for other browsers as well. Adblock Fast claims that when it is installed, web pages will load 51% faster on your Samsung devices.

According to me, blocking ads is not a good idea in general as most of the website developers and most business rely on ads. So blocking them might reduce their revenue which might lead to major consequences in the future. However, if you still want to try this ad blocking app, try it and share your experience with us.

Uzair Khalid
Uzair Khalid

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