OnePlus X is Now Available Without An Invitation

Normally OnePlus phones require an invitation to purchase the phone but the company is now changing its strategy. a couple of months back, OnePlus announced that the OnePlus 2 will be available invite free not for a limited time, but forever. Now the OnePlus X is also available without any invitation.

Oneplus x

It is actually quite good to see that OnePlus is leaving the invite system behind as it did not work very well. Here are the few lines from the announcement.

As we continue to move our business forward, we will never stop looking for exciting new ways to reinvent ourselves. That’s why we’re excited to announce that as of today the OnePlus X is completely invite-free.

The company released its first phone, the OnePlus One about 2 years back and it was a huge success. The company called it the “Flagship Killer” and it was sold like hot cakes. OnePlus 2 was released about a year after that and it as also a flagship killer. The 2nd phone also did amazingly good but not as good as OnePlus One. After the OnePlus 2, the company released another affordable phone, the OnePlus X. Some of the specifications were scaled down in the X and price was dropped to $250.

All of the phones were available through invitation only but now you can get anyone of them without an invitation.

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