Camera FV-5: DSLR like Camera App for Android

If you are photography geek and don’t like automatic settings like most camera apps provide on the android you will be finding yourself looking for something which can provide manual controls such as DSLR. Android is growing a platforms where thousands of apps are being published. However, there are few quality apps which can provide the most of your device camera. Camera FV-5 is free-paid app available which provides manual controls such as light metering, exposure, ISO and shutter speed.

Unlike iOS apps where you will find most apps talking advantage of the hardware and software as well. Android has variety of devices which makes impossible for developers to get the best of device hardware. Camera FV-5 depending on your phone hardware capabilities allow you to tweak the camera before taking pictures just like professional photographer.

Camera FV-5 comes in two version Camera FV-Lite (free) and Camera FV-5 (paid). Camera FV-lite supports all the features of Camera FV-5 but does comes with restriction of limited image resolution. Camera FV-lite is also unable to save raw images (DNG Support). For raw images you have to purchase the paid version $3.95.

To download Camera FV-5 from Google Play Store:

  • Open Play Store and search for Camera FV-5.
  • Download the free or piad version you want.
  • Once download go through the little guide of the app features.

Alternatively, you can download the app directly to your phone from here.

Note that Camera FV-5 or Lite both cannot make videos. You have to buy Cinema app to record videos. Or alternatively, you can use your stock camera app to record videos. Also you should know some basics of the photography to use this app to its full potential. So what’s your best camera app? Share below in comments.

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