Send Money To Anyone Through SMS Using Google Wallet

Google announced an exciting news today, Google Wallet will now let you send money to anyone with a phone number. Until now, both the sender and receiver must have a Google Wallet account to send or receive money.

Now all you have to do is enter the receiver’s phone number. He will get an SMS with a link on his phone. The receiver will open the link and he can enter his debit card number to claim the money. The money will be transferred to the receiver’s bank account “within minutes”. Sending money through SMS is secure and fast.

google wallet sms

Google has rolled out some new features to Google Wallet in last few weeks. Along with sending money through SMS, it shows you the contacts suggestion. Those contacts will be shown at the top to which you send the money most often. A security feature has also been added which locks the app with just a tap of a button. Moreover, you can link a second bank account to your Google Wallet account now.

The new features will be available on both Android and iOS versions of the application. You can download the app from the links below, however it will take a few days for the latest update to roll out.

Download: Android || iOS

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