Microsoft Cortana is Now Available On Android and iOS

Microsoft has released its virtual assistant Microsoft Cortana to both Android and iOS today. Cortana was available only for Windows 10 and Windows Phone until now but later this year Microsoft announced that it will be expanding its reach to other platforms as well.

Microsoft Cortana can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Cortana is similar to the Google Now. It offers you cards based on the recommendations and lets you search anytime using Microsoft search engine Bing. It can almost do anything that the Windows Phone version of Cortana can. For example, it can track your interests, flights and can show you weather any time you want. But it lacks some functionalities like it cannot turn the wifi on or off on your command, but it can do it on Windows version of Cortana.


You can add your restaurant preferences or any other preferences and it will show you the cards according to your preferences. Also, you cannot use Hey Cortana command just yet. But it will be integrated into the custom ROMs in near future.

Download the Cortana from the respective links below. Remember that it is available only in USA and China right now. Other countries might have to wait some months to get the Cortana.

Download: Android || iOS

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