Install Firefox OS on Android Without Flashing Your Phone

Firefox OS

Android and iOS are two largest operating systems in the market, Mozilla is also trying to make it’s Firefox OS popular by some means. Mozilla has launched a standalone APK of the developer preview of its Firefox OS. This shows that Mozilla is still committed to its Firefox OS.

All you need to do is to download the APK file from Firefox’s official website and install the APK as you install all the APKs. The APK will be installed as a launcher and you will be able to enjoy Firefox OS without flashing your phone or rooting it. It will be much easier for developers to experience the OS without doing any hectic procedure first.

According to Mozilla, “Firefox OS is the first truly open mobile platform built entirely on Web technologies. If you can build for the Web using HTML and CSS, you can build Firefox OS.”

Firefox OS-Galaxy S2

Installing an APK is much easier than flashing it to your phone. Flashing removes all the user data and you have to install the apps again and set up your phone from like zero. Installing the APK is just like installing a launcher and no data will be affected.

The APK has a number of bugs right now and the experience might not be very well. It is compatible on old devices, I tested it on Samsung Galaxy S2 with stock ROM installed and it worked really slow.

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