Stich your images using PhotoAffix for Android

Do you like to combine multiple photos to make one? Previously we covered about Screener which helps you make your images and screenshots pretty by adding frames, effects and filters to the images. Now you can use PhotoAffix to combine multiple screenshots of an app or multiple images into big single images like a simple collage.

PhotoAffix is free open source app available on git-hub. The app is still in beta which means you may encounter some bugs. Apart from that app is really fast and smooth. Built with material design makes this app beautiful and easy to use. There are no much options to configure this app. You can adjust the background behind the images and spacing.

PhotoAffix is easy to use, all you have to select the images on your device and press Affix button at the top. The app will make combined single image of several mega pixel depending on your images size and qualities. Combining speed depends on the devices you are using. We tried on nexus 5 and it took 3-4 seconds to combine 4 images into one.

You can download the PhotoAffix from git-hub. It is not yet available on Google Play Store. Also if you know little android programming you can customize the app according to your needs as this app is open source. You can download the app from this link:

To install the app on your phone, make sure you have enable the installation of apps from other sources in your settings. So what do you thing about this app? Share your thought via comments below.

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