Instagram Launches Boomerang For Making One-Second Video Loops


A few months back Facebook-owned Instagram released Hyperlapse for iOS devices which let users capture slo-mo videos. Now Instagram has released yet another app called Boomerang for one second video capturing without sound.

Boomerang lets you create a GIF-like video of just one second. The video will have no sound and Boomerang will play it back and forth to make it look fun. You have to find a moving object to make the video look fun.

Making the video with Boomerang is really easy. There is just one big button in the app. Just point the camera to some moving object and press the large button. Boomerang will quickly take a burst of 10 photos and then will combine it into a video which will play forward and backward in a loop. The video will be saved in the camera roll of the phone.

Once the video is captured, you can share it on Instagram, Facebook or to other apps on your phone. When you share the Boomerang video to Instagram, you get to apply filters to make the video more attractive.

Boomerang looks like the Instagram’s take on recently launched Apple “Live Photos” on iPhone 6S and 6s Plus.

Boomerang is available for Android and iOS. On Android, it requires Android 4.3+ You can download it from the links below.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

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