Google Play Store Getting Fresh New Look, Major UI Update Rolling Out Now

Google has started to roll out the redesigned Google Play to all Android devices. Google keeps updating the design of Play Store every once in a year or two. This is the major design change of the Play Store in a long time.

The buttons in the new Play Store are capsule shaped throughout the store. There are 2 main tabs in at the main front screen, “Apps & Games” and “Entertainment.” The Entertainment has subsections of Movies & TV, Music, Books and Newsstand. The Apps & Games section has separate tabs for top charts, games, categories, family and editors’ choice.


When you select a further category like books, it will show you the buttons for top selling, new releases, deals etc.

The new Play Store is rolling out around the world. It might take some time to reach your phone depending on your region. Installing the latest APK of Play Store won’t work. It will update its look automatically once it reaches your area.

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