5 Watch Faces for Android Wear Everyone Should Try

5 Watch Faces for Android Wear Everyone Should Try 1

Android Wear is probably the latest and greatest innovation in tech with some exciting hardware choices. It is not about just being cool, but accessibility has never been this easy. Big phone screens are often not feasible to use in crowded areas and taking your large screen-ed phone out in public is always not possible. While we’re at it, why not make your new Android Wear better looking? Why not beautify it a bit, while we can. In this post, we would tell you about the top 5 faces for your Android Wear that we absolutely like.

There are two types of Android Wear devices, round faced and square faced. Don’t worry if you have either one, we would be recommending top 5 Android Wear faces which are easily compatible with both of style variations.

Top 5 Watch Faces for Android Wear

Mickey Mouse


Who doesn’t loves Mickey Mouse. Almost whole of our childhood has been spent with Mickey and company. He just doesn’t stop to make our lives awesome. This Mickey Mouse Watch face is casual and as well as pretty. Definitely a must have!

Google Play Store: Download

Pac Man


Pac Man games, too addictive yet fun. Pac Man Watch face is even better, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde cycle around your wrist, catching the Legendary Pac Man. Who’s running around and catching devouring power-pellets, ghosts and fruit. All in all it is a fun thing to look at when checking time on your smart watch.

Google Play Store: Download



I personally am that kind of a person who wants all of the information to be on a single screen, from where I can get the whole story at a single glance. If you’re one of those people too, try the Skymaster Android Wear face. The key feature in this Android Wear face is that it is themed as an airplane pilot’s watch, for example the “fuel” dial on the watch actually indicates the battery left in your mobile phone and it also shows you the weather conditions and other handy stats. So I think it’s a must have Android Wear face because it is decent and also informative.

Google Play Store: Download

Pujie Black

Paujie Black

More like 50 Shades of Black. Pujie Black gives you endless customization combos, more than enough theme styles, options and a lot to play with. The coolest feature in this watch-face is, it is decent if you want it to be decent. It is geeky if you want it to be geeky. With the ambient mode on Android Wear, this face would be as simple as possible which can then be toggled to be more interactive.

Google Play Store: Download

Krona Sunlight

karona sunlight

If you’re one of those travel people, or you’re out almost all of your day, don’t forget Krona Sunlight for your Android wear. It gives you as much as detail about the weather as you would ever need. That too on the go, on your wrist. It is one of the most detailed weather forecast Android Wear watch faces we have ever seen, so yeah definitely a must have!

Google Play Store: Download

So here were the top 5 Android Wear Faces we think every one should at least try once, feel free to suggest any of your collections in the comment section below.

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  1. Andrew Medley Avatar
    Andrew Medley

    Which smart watch is being used here to illustrate the mickey mouse watch face?

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