Beautify your screenshots using Screener on your Android Phone

Are you blogger who blogs about apps and needs a lot of screenshots of your phone? Or a simple user who like to share what’s on their phone with the world? Well stop sharing simple and boring screenshots. Screener for android lets you customize your screenshots and add them in to different phones and smartwatches frames. You can create a 3D screenshot using any device frame or add some effects such as background or glare.

Screener is available for free on Google Play Store and for supported android phones. This app needs powerful smartphone to do rendering properly. Time to render and create beautiful looking screenshots depends on how much power you android phone has. Screener is also great for Android app developer who wants to create stunning screenshots of their app to share on Google Play Store.

Download Screener from Play Store:

  • Open Google Play and search for “Screener”
  • Download and Install the app.
  • Watch the starting demo and you are good to go.

Alternatively, you can download the app from here.

To use Screener, simple open the app and you will be empty favorites screen. Swipe from left to open the menu and select a device model from variety of devices frames. This app has almost frames of all the popular phones such as HTC M9, Samsung Galaxy S6, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, OnePlus One, Xperia Z series, LG and Samsung Smartwatches. Now select the image from the gallery and proceed. You will be presented with variety of options to choose. Select the effects you want apply and wait for rendering to complete. Now you can share the saved screenshots anywhere you want.

So what do you think about this app? Do share your thoughts via comments below.

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