10 Must-Have Android Apps When You Buy a New Phone

Just when the adrenaline stops after unpacking your brand new Android smartphone, you just might think where to get started, where to begin ? Other than the typical must-haves, Team Android brings you the genuine 10 must-have Android applications. These apps will provide you a full smartphone experience, so much so, it might enable some of our readers to shift away from their laptops. Also, these do apply if you have a tablet.

Below, we have listed the absolute necessary 10 apps that you should have on your brand new smartphone. From productivity to utilities, we have included apps from all sorts of categories. Along with a brief description we have added there Google Play Store download links to make the installation process easier.

10 Must-Have Android Apps:


Google Now Launcher



Well, I personally like to have all the information I need from my phone easily accessible. I don’t like to open menus after menus, clicks after clicks just to get something and Google Now launcher helps me just perfectly. Not only does the launcher gives you a stock android ‘kind of’ feel but it also puts google now launcher just a swipe away. Accessibility has never been done so right, Thank you Google!

Google Play Store Link: Download Here

AirDroid – File Transfer/Manage


A new phone does deserves your old files, pictures, songs etc etc. Being in the wireless generation, AirDroid let’s you access and manage your Android phone from Windows, MAC, or even the web totally and completely wireless.  Not only that but you get to share things from between your personal computer and your android phone. What makes this even more awesome is that you can access your phone camera, pick up calls, see notifications, and even reply to texts without even touching your phone, from your computer. You might wanna have this app in-case your phone is charging.

Google Play Store Link: Download here

Fenix for Twitter


Twitter being one of the very few social giant demands you to enjoy their full experience. Sadly, they were quite unable to provide you with the best twitter app out there. how ever ‘mvilla’ studios decided to take the front seat and make it sure you enjoy the true twitter expeirence on your new Android smart phone. What makes this app over other must-haves is that not only does this provide you with a good social exposure but also it does it in a quite sophisticated manner. A very comfortable UI, a very mesmerizing layout, cool widgets, and tons off additional features is what makes this app stand out.

Google Play Store Link: Download Here


Snapseed for Android

There was a time when pictures were taken for storing memories about the event, whereas nowadays, events are set up just  for the pictures. DSLR owners, this one’s for you. Snapseed is another Google side project which allows you the professional editing tools on the go. If you’re into photography and you travel a lot, this one’s definitely a must have for you. Snapseed allows you to tweak brightness, contrast, shadows and also the pro stuff like Healing, Selective adjust, Lens Blur. This and many more to await, I present to you Snapseed ladies and gentlemen.

Google Play Store Link: Download Here.







Don’t worry if you didn’t get Android 5.0 or above in your new Android Smartphone, you can still enjoy some of the Lollipop UI elements. Google Messenger, first introduced on Android 5.0 which has always been available on the Play Store for free, is an SMS app which has been designed in a very spectacular way. Let’s face it, we almost always talk to other people using some form of IM, what bad does it do if you do it in much more colorful, yet productive and time saving way? Google Messenger allows you easy sharing, saves time, introduces new features and looks really really good. Must have? Of course!

Google Play Store Link: Download Here.



I presume, you just got a new phone and would probably be spending most of your time with it. At least for a month or so. Pocket makes it in your must have list because, so that you couldn’t get bored with your new phone already and enjoy online as well as offline experience. Pocket grants you the special powers to save your favorite online articles, pictures, videos, notes and nearly anything you want to on your phone. Along with it, you are going to get an unlimited storage to save your articles to read later on, on Pocket’s cloud network. Bonus feature: works with your favorite social applications like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Google Play Store Link: Download Here.




The age of paper and a pencil have past. Its the age of phones and tablets. And I do understand that when you get a new phone, you just want to use it to its full potential. Evernote is the best noting app out there, truly. Whether making notes for exams, or just making a to-do list. Going to groceries, or maybe noting down a good quote you saw on the internet. Evernote has got your back. The thing that makes Evernote unique and the best is that it allows you to make groups of notes you have made, provides you with good word processing tool and makes it as easy to share notes as it could ever be. Evernote, saving time since it was released.

Google Play Store Link: Download Here.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides


Google to the rescue again. Google is well known to, uh – make everything easy for you. Google docs, Sheets, and Slides are basically a substitution for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. To be able for Google to make it in our Must-have list, Google must be having an upper hand with a large margin. Which they really have. Not only do they provide you with the best word processing, spread sheet tools and presentation tweaks but they also make it sure that you don’t lose your work keeping the integrity of your work in mind. Google Seamlessly saves all of your work every second you make a change. Yes, you head it right, every SECOND. so it’s nearly impossible to lose any of your data ever again.

Google Play Store Link (Docs): Download Here

Google Play Store Link (Sheets): Download Here

Google Play Store Link (Slides): Download Here

Yahoo Weather


Yahoo did not fail to provide us with a beautiful and interactive weather app for our Android smartphones. They understand that it’s their duty to keep you updated with the weather conditions, and they are doing their job perfectly. Perfect weather reports, accurate 5 or 10 day forecasts and almost perfect climate figures one could ever have. All of this with beautiful animations, interactive sunrises and sunsets and interactive maps. Pressure measures, humidity, along with wind and chances of precipitation on your phone, all day ever day. If that doesn’t makes it a must have for you, I don’t know what does.

Google Play Store Link: Download Here



Music; a singular language around the globe. Now that you have your new android Smartphone, and of course, Shazam. You might just be able to blend in. Shazam is the best music Android application out there and it’s the tremendous features it offers that make it up to be the best. You hear a good song, you don’t know it’s name, Shazam it and find it out. You know the name of that good song, you don’t know it’s lyrics, Shazam it and find it out. You know a good Artist, you don’t know their favorite songs, Shazam it and find it out. Just like that, a few taps away with Shazam you get uncountable amount of music, hear it, enjoy it, share it. That’s what Shazam is all about.

Google Play Store Link: Download Here

So here are the 10 Must-Have Android Applications for your new Android Smart from from our point of view. Do comment below if you know another worthy enough application out there to be in this list.



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