How to Change Country in Google Play Store

Changing your country through the Google Play Store is somewhat difficult than it should be. Nonetheless, we have this detailed guide on how you can change the region on Google Play Store. This comes in handy when you are migrating for a long vacation or permanently opting in a new country. Changing the country in Google Store will help you buy things in the currency your new country currently runs. It is obvious that you need to delete your old card data and payment options. Read below to find out all the details on changing the country in Google Play Store.

Mentioned previously, your old payment details will need to go. It is obvious that you want to change your country in the Play Store only if you are willing to make purchases otherwise the app will function as per normal in all countries and would have no issues.


How To Change Country In Google Play Store:

Step 1 – Delete all your current Credit Card numbers and information. Along with that, do delete your address as well.

NOTE: You might need to change your settings through Google Wallet if you have it installed.

Step 2 – Add in your new Credit Card number(s) and your new address.

Step 3 – Just in case, we recommend you wipe your Play Store app’s cache by going to your App manager and selecting Google Play and clicking on “Delete/Wipe Cache

Step 4 – Make a purchase through Play Store, if you are still getting the old one, just go ahead with the purchase until you get the “Accept & Buy” option. From there you can cancel.

Step 5 – If Step 4 didn’t change the country, wait atleast 24 hours and check again because there is a delay when Google’s servers get updated.

That’s all, you should now be running the Google Play Store in your newly selected country. Yes, the process is a little bit lengthy but that is to ensure maximum security and less errors.

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